Best CCTV For Cars in 2019 (User Reviews)

Whether for internal or external recording, find the perfect camera or dashcam system.

With the rapid increase in car theft and vandalism in recent times, CCTV for cars is now more of a necessity than a luxury.

You will greatly reduce the chances of your car being vandalised or burgled by simply adding an extra security system to the ones already in place in your car. Car surveillance cameras are designed to keep an eye on different parts of your car, so you can be alerted if your car is being burgled.

In this article, we'll be taking a look at the types of CCTV cameras you can install in your car, their pros and cons, and other cool stuff.

cctv for cars and vehicles

So if you are ready like I am, let's get started.

Types of CCTV Cameras for Vehicles

CCTV cameras are made for specific types of vehicles and for different areas in them. Some examples are listed below:

  1. Bus CCTV and passenger surveillance cams
  2. Car Dashcams
  3. Trailer surveillance cam
  4. CCTV for trains

However, for the sake of this article, we'll stick with car dash cameras. Below are a few car dashcams available in the market currently:

Rear and Front side cameras (Dual Lens)

This dash camera is designed specifically for normal usage. It covers the front view of the car (front dash camera). The rear camera covers the back view which helps you when you are parking and making a reverse movement. These cameras also record all the time: a feature which comes in handy when you need footages for specific reasons.

Front Side Dash Camera (Single Lens)

This type of camera is designed to focus primarily on the front view of the car and nowhere else.

Internal/External Cameras

This type of dash camera has two lenses. One turns and focuses on the road, while the other one covers the passenger areas. These cameras are rarely used by private car owners. You'd only find them being used in privately owned taxicabs like those used for Uber.

Internal Camera, External Camera, and Rear Camera (3 lenses)

This camera has three dedicated lenses. The first records activities on the road, the second camera records the view inside the car, the last camera (rear) records the rear view. the rear camera also provides assistance during parking and records footages as well

Hidden dash camera

These are really small cameras that record the inside view of your car. They are so small, sometimes it's hard to tell if they are present in the car or not. Their small size also means that they do not have a screen where live video can be displayed.


There are several other dash cameras that are designed to replace certain accessories inside the car like the rear view mirror. These type of dash camera come with additional features such as GPS systems and video player.

What To Look For When Buying CCTV For Cars

Just as you have seen above, there are several types of CCTV cameras for cars available in the market currently. So how do you choose the right one for you and your vehicle?

If you find some or all of the features listed below in any car surveillance camera, then you should go ahead and buy it.

Independent Power Source (Wireless)

Securing an external source of power for car surveillance cameras can be tedious. You are better off buying a wireless version that requires no power source or wire connections. In-car cameras are also good alternatives.

Crisp Wi-Fi Connectivity

In order to view footage or get motion alerts from your camera, you'll need a surveillance camera with sharp and wide Wi-fi range. This will enable you to access recordings from your car's camera even when it is parked in an underground garage.

Always go for long-range wireless CCTV for cars. This is will put you in a good position to look after your car better.

Video Storage Capacity

Sometimes it may be important to view footages recorded by your car's camera. This is why you should settle for cameras with cloud storage capacity. They record activities 24/7 and save them in an external drive or MicroSD card.

High Definition Resolution

This is an essential feature that every quality car security camera must possess. The recommended resolution or video quality is 1080p for enhanced identification.

Quality Night Vision

Car security cameras should have decent night vision capability. This will allow you to keep an eye on your car at all times.

Other features:

  • Motion sensor and alert system
  • 'Live view app' on mobile phones, tablets and laptop.

Installation of CCTV For Cars

If you buy a wireless car surveillance camera, then you don't have to be an expert to be able to install it in your car. In fact, anyone can do it by simply following the instructions on the user's manual. Installation of a wired CCTV car cameras, on the other hand, will require some level of expertise.

Advantage of CCTV For Cars

  • You have the power to choose when the camera records or doesn't record (motion detectors make this even more accurate). Note: You can also set it to auto-record which works round the clock.
  • With a quality CCTV system for your car, you can record memorable car trips with friends and family and keep it for future references.
  • Footages from your car's camera may just be the key to solving a difficult police case or theft incident.
  • Dash cams have 'parking mode' features that will be of use to you in difficult parking situations.
  • Your car's dashcam protects you while you are driving and when you are not. It is a complete protection system.

Disadvantages of CCTV For Cars

  • Large versions of car security cameras are easy to steal. Small dashcams are safer alternatives.
  • Some camera designs can be very distracting. This may lead to car accidents if not properly managed.
  • In some states, car security cameras with the ability to record external audio are illegal. You have to make sure a car surveillance camera doesn't break the law before buying it.
  • CCTV for cars can be your undoing especially if you were at fault during an accident. The recording will display what you did wrong as evidence.


While there are few downsides to using a CCTV system in your car, the positives outweigh the negative. However, make sure you buy one that suits your needs and that of your car. You'll never when you'll need your cars CCTV system to bail you out.

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