Best CCTV Pet Monitoring Cameras of 2019 (User Reviews)

Want to keep an eye on your pet at home from work or anywhere else? Discover which is the best on the market today.

Leaving your pet at home all by himself to go to work or travel is never an easy task. While away, you can't help but wonder if he is doing okay, bored, sleeping or trashing your home.

What if there was a way to communicate with him from miles away? Better, yet, what if you could offer him a treat for being a good pet, while still at work? Technology has made life easier for pet parents. Through pet monitoring cameras, you can stay in touch with your pup or cat and even capture cute images of them sleeping or playing. There are so many pet cameras in the market and it can be difficult to pick the right one if you don't know what they have to offer.

cctv for pets at home

Pet cameras are not just basic surveillance cameras. They come with advanced features, specifically structured to enhance interaction between pet parents and their furry friends. Here's what you should look out for if you're in the market for a pet camera;

Key features of a good pet monitoring camera

Two-way communication

A good camera will allow you to communicate with your pet. Through a two-way audio system, you can easily call their names, play with them or even send commands to prevent them from doing something wrong. You will also be able to hear them and tell if they're making distressed or cheerful sounds. Such an audio system is a perfect channel of communication that lets you hang out with your pet and monitor or control their movement around their house.

Motion detection and alerts

Most pets will spend the day sleeping on the couch or in their beds. However, when they're hungry or stressed, they may try to run away or go through your trash, looking for something to bite. You can easily prevent such scenarios if you get a camera with motion detection features. Advanced cameras are able to differentiate between major activity, such as a pet running or a simple rollover. You will then get a notification on your phone every time the camera detects motion. If your dog is trying to break through the door, you can easily talk to them and calm them down through the audio system.

Treat dispenser

A pet camera can do more than recording video and enabling communication. Pets, especially dogs love a good treat but you can leave the entire packet lying around for them to eat whenever they want. A good dog camera will, however, allow you to reward your pet for being patient by dispensing treats. Such cameras have room for treats and a dispenser that releases one treat every time you click the treat dispenser button on your phone's app. This feature can help you train your dog virtually. You can easily give them commands and reward them every time they obey, thus improving their personality and your relationship, with the help of a camera.


There is a big difference between modern and traditional cameras. To enjoy the features outlined above, you need a modern IP camera which uses Local Area network to send footage to your phone through an app. Such a camera contrasts the traditional CCTV cameras which record footage for you to watch later. Modern IP cameras are easier to install as they can be placed on a table (out of the pet's reach). They're also wireless and no technical handy work is required.

Wide viewing angle

Pets are mobile creatures and they will definitely move from one part of the room to another when they're not sleeping. You need a camera that gives you full visibility on an entire room. A good pet monitoring cameras offer 360-degree coverage of a room thus making it easy for you to follow the pet's movement and activities around the house. However, not all cameras will offer such a wide angle. Some are limited to 110 degrees while others go all the way to 360 degrees.

Laser pointer toy

Pet surveillance cameras can improve the interaction between you and your pet. Some cameras have in-built laser ball toys which enable you to play with your cat by moving the ball around. You can move the laser ball by making random patterns on your phone's screen and your pet will see the ball moving on the floor at home. Any vibrant pet will enjoy chasing the ball around even though they can't catch it. Interesting, right?

High-quality streaming and recording

Finally, video recording and streaming are some of the most important features in pet surveillance cameras. You're not just trying to see if your pet is alive and breathing. You're monitoring and even playing with your pet. Therefore, the video needs to be High Definition (HD) quality. Some cameras offer 720p while others offer more. It all narrows down to your budget.

Outdoor/indoor surveillance

While most cameras with advanced features allow excellent indoor surveillance, some of them are not built to ensure the harsh outdoor environment. If you often allow your pet to play outside, you will need a strong camera that can be attached discreetly to its collar or a camera that can be placed on an outdoor spot without getting damaged.

In a nutshell, shopping for a pet monitoring camera is definitely a fun affair. There are a lot of options but you need a camera that will maximise interaction with your pet while offering good quality video. Simply create a list of all the features you need based on the pet's needs and settle for a camera that meets all your demands.

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